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How do I join? What is the cost?

Click Join Now and proceed to subscription. The subscription cost is $240 per year.

How do I pay?

You can pay using your PayPal Account or any credit card.

I have registered. Now how do I proceed?

You will receive an email with a password and a link to Login.

I have signed up, but I'm not able to login.

After signing up for the first time, did you change the password? If not, please use the password that was emailed to you. If you are still unable to login using your credentials, please contact the Administrator: contact@vidolci.com.

Can I cancel my registration and get a refund?

No. There is a one-time fee per year with a no refund policy.

Can I transfer my subscription to a different email ID or to a friend?

No transfers; but if your own email changes mid-term, we can help you at contact@vidolci.com.

I forgot my password, what should I click?

If you provide incorrect credentials, you will see a screen where Email Address, Password & Forgot Password links are available.  Click on the Forgot Password link.  An email with a link will be sent to your registered email address to reset your password.

I did not receive the email after I clicked on the Forgot Password link or after I registered on Vidolci Website.

Check your spam folder. Be sure to mark as NOT SPAM so emails from Vidolci.com appear in your inbox. If still missing, email: contact@vidolci.com.

How secure is the website?

Very: Our website uses SSL (Secured Socket Layer).

Who has access to my video library other than the registered user?

In addition to the subscriber, the Administrator has access to video libraries only to resolve complaints or legal disputes.

Do you monitor the videos being sent through this website?


Can we record a video using a webcam on our desktop?

At the moment, we are not supporting this feature.

I quickly reach 100 MB video size when I shoot a video from my android device. How do I increase the maximum upload size limit?

The maximum upload size for a video is 100 MB. You can lower the resolution from the android HD default before shooting a video to reduce the file size.

What are the supported file formats?

Supported standard file formats are .MOV and .MP4. This is also mentioned in the Upload Video section.

How do I add a YouTube link to Vidolci?

Find the video on YouTube that you want to upload to Vidolci. Click on the video. Click on Share This Video. You will see a web link, copy that link and paste it in the YouTube URL text box on the Vidolci Upload Video page. Add Title. SAVE.

How do I add a Vimeo video link to Vidolci?

Choose the video on Vimeo you want to upload to Vidolci. Click the Link icon. Copy the link (URL) that appears, and paste it into your Vimeo URL box on the Vidolci Upload Video page. Add a video Title and SAVE it.

The video upload is very slow.

If your video size is large and you have a slow internet connection, you may experience a slow video upload.

I get 'Video upload timed-out, try again'.

The video upload time-out is set for 10 minutes. You may want to try to upload the video when you have a better internet connection.

How do I allow Vidolci to access the camera and microphone on my device?
(Your video won't upload properly without access!)

Devices vary! Camera & Microphone site access is controlled within your Settings menu. You can usually: Always Allow Access, Request Access, Always Deny Access. Be sure your microphone is turned on in the Camera Settings for Recording Video as well !

I did not get a thumbnail after uploading my video.

If your video is 2 seconds or less, you will not get a thumbnail. To generate a video still frame, the video must be a minimum of 3 to 5 seconds.

I shot a video from my mobile, but I can't play or upload as a reply.

If the format of your video is 3gp, it is not supported at this time.

My video has photos and background music, but when I upload the video it doesn't play or show a thumbnail.

Final Upload must be in .MOV OR .MP4.

My video looks stretched and the title does not wrap properly.

We support devices with a minimum screen size of 4.7 inches. If your screen size is smaller, your video & title may not display optimally.

If I do not enter a title and then click Submit in "SET THUMBNAIL TITLE AND IMAGE" page, will my video be uploaded?

Yes, your Video will upload. Your custom title will not be set. You can later change the title of the video within your Video List. The thumbnail will not set without re-uploading the video.

I forgot to set the thumbnail of my video. Can I set the thumbnail after I upload the video?

No. You may want to delete the video you uploaded, then re-upload it to set the thumbnail.

I received the following message when I tried to play my card: "Movie is deleted." Who do I contact?

Contact the Sender who sent you the card. They control what remains stored in their video library.

I uploaded a video, but the video isn't there. Who do I contact?

Please try to upload the video again. You can contact the Administrator at contact@vidolci.com.

My device went into sleep mode while my video was uploading and the video didn't get uploaded.

You may need to change the settings on your device or try again when you have a faster internet connection.

Why does the card look stretched even though the screen size is greater than 4.7 inches?

The card may look stretched because the video was shot in portrait mode.

The video greeting was sent upside down.

This may happen when:
- the device is tilted while filming,
- the video was shot with portrait first and moved to landscape while shooting, or
- the video is shot from a reverse camera with camera pointing downwards.

How do I choose the color from the wheel?

Click the button, highlight a color on outer color wheel, then select the shade of the color from inner area.

If I change the Title of a Video in my Video List, will the name change in My Videos?


If I delete a video from my Video List, will it be removed from My Videos?


If I remove a video from my list, what happens to the sent cards associated with that video?

When the receiver clicks on the card link they will see the following message: "Movie has been deleted."

Can I save my message text with video as a draft for future use?

Currently, only indirectly: Complete your card with video & message. Then, A: click Share to Text/Social Media, or B: email a copy to yourself. That card will remain available as an External Link or in Sent Cards for you to review from History.

I have entered my social media links incorrectly or need to update, how do I correct them?

On your Settings Page: Select the Social Media Site box and delete/re-enter or edit the URL in Social Media Link text box. This will override the existing incorrect URL.

If I override the frame color and font color while creating a card, will my default settings be disturbed?


I have used my total storage space available.

You can create more space by deleting videos you no longer need. Or you may purchase more storage capacity through the Administrator: contact@vidolci.com.

In the message text area, how do I include a clickable link?

While in the message text area: Click the link icon on the right side of the tool bar. Select URL from Link Type and type your URL in format www.vidolci.com inside the URL box. Click OK.

How do I change the card Frame/Header title?

You can change your Frame Title and Frame Title Link by clicking on Headers and Colors button in your Settings before you send a card. Previously set Frame titles and frame title links remain the same.

How do I know if the recipient has viewed the card?

Go to History to see how many total times your card has been viewed.

Is there a way to see how many people I sent my video to?

Go to History and you will see the count in the Sent column.

How do I know who sent a Video Reply?

Look for "RE: abbreviated email " alias in the Re-Send column in History.

In History, I see colored links. What do they represent?

Red represents a Deleted Movie link. Blue represents a Reply Video. Grey represents Sent Cards emailed to contacts, or via external programs or social media.

If a column in .csv is already mapped with database column, it does not allow to map this same column again.

Columns can be mapped only once to each corresponding column.

What is a CSV file?

Files with the .csv file extension are 'comma delimited files' that contain separated database fields. They are commonly used to transfer contact information between databases.

Can I save my contact information spreadsheet as a CSV?


I do not have Birthday in my CSV, what field should I map to import my contacts?

If you do not have a field to map, select "Blank" for that particular column and SAVE. Email Address is the only mandatory field to import contacts in Vidolci.

I have mistakenly sent the card to someone. Is there a way I can recall this message?

No. BUT: You can go to your video list and delete the video. ALL recipient(s) still received a notification email, but they see only a Movie Deleted message. They will not be able to view the card, UNLESS they played the video before you deleted it!

How can I download a video that I received?

(From your desktop), open the card you received. Right-click on the video. Choose menu option "Save video as", and choose a location. Click to download and Save.

When a recipient Video Replied by uploading a 42 sec/86.9 MB video, I received only a 30 sec video. Is the storage space deducted 86.9 MB, or less?

Less. All Reply Video is capped at 30 secs in length. The file size of the video is also trimmed down accordingly for storage in sender's library.

I Video Replied to a greeting. Should I manually enter the senders email address to my new Vidolci address book?

No. The moment you send a Video Response you receive a welcome email and become a registered user for a free trial. Your sender's email address is automatically saved in your address book.

Which time zone triggers Scheduled Delivery?

Scheduled Delivery is set to the Central USA time zone.

Does this work on all smart phones, tablets and computers?

Vidolci is designed to work on most current devices and computers. Please let us know if you have problems! contact@vidolci.com.

Upon Video Reply, storage space is deducted from Sender's total. If the Sender is out of space, will the Reply be delivered?

Yes. We deliver Video Replies even after the Sender runs out of storage. However, the Sender will not be able to upload until they delete videos or add storage.

The Video Reply thumbnail arrived sideways.

Yes, the Reply thumbnail currently uploads flipped over. Once the video is played, it displays right-side-up. This will be resolved in next version of Vidolci!

How do I add a shortcut button for Vidolci on the home screen of my iOS device to avoid typing the URL every time?

On your iOS device, open Safari browser and navigate to Vidolci.com. Tap the Share button (rectangle with an arrow pointing upward) on the browser’s toolbar. For an iPAD, it’s on the bar at the top of the screen and on the bar at the bottom of the screen on an iPhone. In the Share Menu, tap the Add to Home Screen icon. Before tapping the Add button, you will be prompted to name the shortcut. Like any other app, on your home screen, the icon will appear. The website loads in a normal tab inside the safari browser when you tap the icon. Save your password after you login the first time. In the future, Click Autofill to populate your password - and You're In!

How do I add a shortcut button for Vidolci on the home screen of my android device to avoid typing the URL every time?

On your Android device, open Chrome browser and go to Vidolci.com. Tap the menu button and tap Add to home screen. Enter the name for the shortcut and then Chrome browser will add it to your home screen as an icon. Tap this icon and Chrome browser will open with Vidolci.com. Save your password and login information for future use, and You're In!

How do I copy & paste the link on iOS devices generated after clicking Share to Text/Social Media?

Select the highlighted URL by tapping and holding. You will see tiny blue circles on the highlighted text edges with a menu - press Copy. Once highlighted, you will see a Copy button at the top left of the keyboard (it looks like two squares, one dotted-line square & one solid-line square), click on the Copy button. The URL is copied to your 'clipboard'. Now Paste (same steps) URL in your email, browser or any social media.

How do I copy & paste the link on android devices generated after clicking Share to Text/Social Media?

Press on the highlighted URL for a couple of seconds. A menu will pop down from the top of the screen. In the top bar, from the left, the second icon is Copy. Click on Copy to copy the highlighted URL in clipboard. To paste the URL, press in the email or address bar of a browser (or where ever you want to paste the URL) and select the "paste" option that pops up.